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Links to interesting articles which appeared in our 2016 Monthly Bulletins have been moved to this link,  (An edited copy of the November 2016 bulletin with intact links)

Interesting Prostate Cancer treatment related articles published or sourced by Glenn Tisman, M.D.  can be found here!

Dr. Tisman's recently launched Facebook page is linked here and his web site here and his most recent cancer newsletter here:

Answers to your Medicare Part A, B and D questions at this link:

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Christopher Rose, M.D.

Dr. Rose spoke at the Forum on May 27, 2010. His subject was "Lessons About Prostate Cancer in the Medical Literature 2009-2010. The lecture was NOT recorded.

Dr. Rose is a Radiation Oncologist and is  Medical Director for the Center of Radiation Therapy of Beverly Hills.  He is also the Chief Technical Officer of the Vantage Oncology Group in Manhattan Beach, CA.  He has been President of the American Society of Therapeutic Radiology and received their Gold Medal Award in 2008.