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Links to interesting articles which appeared in our 2016 Monthly Bulletins have been moved to this link,  (An edited copy of the November 2016 bulletin with intact links)

Interesting Prostate Cancer treatment related articles published or sourced by Glenn Tisman, M.D.  can be found here!

Dr. Tisman's recently launched Facebook page is linked here and his web site here and his most recent cancer newsletter here:

Answers to your Medicare Part A, B and D questions at this link:

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Women's Group meetings schedule 2017

Women's Support Group of the Prostate Forum of Orange County!

All members are invited to bring interested spouses and significant others to join our new group of women supporting the men in their lives. Meetings are held on 4th Thursday evenings, between 6.00 and 7.00 pm:

We will be five years old on May 23, 2017!  And heading into our 6th year, we'll be sharing leadership as we're loosely organized.  We might even call ourselves "The Loose Ladies of PFOC."  

Next scheduled meeting: 4th Thursday June 22, 2017 See message from Carolyn Adamson, posted below.

Moderator: Carolyn Adamson – Volunteer. Contact information: 714-996-9511 (h), 714-609-1048 (c) or

2017 Meetings Dates:

June 22 Final Meeting
Here is Carolyn's message: