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Links to interesting articles which appeared in our 2016 Monthly Bulletins have been moved to this link,  (An edited copy of the November 2016 bulletin with intact links)

Interesting Prostate Cancer treatment related articles published or sourced by Glenn Tisman, M.D.  can be found here!

Dr. Tisman's recently launched Facebook page is linked here and his web site here and his most recent cancer newsletter here:

Answers to your Medicare Part A, B and D questions at this link:

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New links added 9/12/2016:
1. Dr. Glenn Tisman's recently launched web site is available at this link!
2. Dr. Tisman's Facebook page can be accessed here!

Dr. Peter Grimm of the Prostate Cancer Center of Seattle, WA spoke at the Prostate Forum on January 26, 2012. His subject was "Radiactive seeds outcomes at a center of Excellence in Seattle, WA." (see our video #464).  Dr. Grimm is also involved in the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation in Seattle. This organisation has a  new  web site (available at this link) which offers interesting interactive comparisions of treatments as well as sign-up to a newsletter.
Interesting articles published by Glenn Tisman, M.D.:

a) Describing Prostate Cancer Dynamics: Second Look at PSA- Doubling Time and PSA-Specific Growth Rate. Linked here: 

 b) Modulation of One-Carbon Metabolism by B Vitamins: Implications for Transformation and Progression of Prostate Cancer. Linked here:  

Follow Dr. Stephen Strum at

Dr. Strum provides items of interest to the PCa community. Your p2p mailing list login will not work here. Please request access and wait for approval. You'll receive an email with a clickable link.  


Should you have any questions about Medicare, Parts A, B and D, for un-biased answers, contact Council On Aging Orange County (HICAP Community Outreach And Education), 1971 East 4th Street, Suite 200, Santa Ana, CA 92703, Tel 714-560-0424  or go to their web site at  (Link added 3/28/2014)


National PCa Links of Interest:

Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer

Understanding, Treating and Maintaining Quality of Life

Click on this link for:


List below - most recent update: 2/2010


Prostate Problems Mailing List (PPML)

An unmoderated forum which discusses problems and treatments related
to men's prostate gland. This is a broad-based, comprehensive forum
with extremely knowledgeable participants.

To subscribe, go to:

For info on managing your subscription:
Need more help? Send email

Physician To Patient:
The purpose of the p2p mailing list is to provide the prostate cancer
patient or other interested parties with information from physicians
about the treatment of prostate cancer. This is a moderated list
without the high volume normally associated with mailing lists or
the frequent off-topic questions. To subscribe, go to:  
Every message sent to p2p must contain a Prostate Cancer Digest.
Instructions for preparing your digest are in the first issue of PCRI
Insights, which you can get in .pdf format here:

The same instructions are also available as a webpage:


NewDx offers information and support to those newly diagnosed with prostatecancer, Experienced PCa patients who want to help the newly diagnosed are encouraged to join!

To subscribe, go to:

NEW!!  The RP-Help Wiki:

RP - Discussion and support for patients interested in radical prostatectomy.

A compendium of knowledge and help from longtime RP subscribers.

To access the Radical Prostatectomy & Post Surgical Issues (RP-Help) Wiki, first subscribe to the RP email discussion list. Once you are approved, you will receive the wiki URL from the RP welcome message.

NEW!!  The PCAI Wiki

The PCAI Wiki is a collection of articles focused on intimacy and sexuality in the context of prostate cancer.

A collaborative treasure trove of knowledge and help from longtime PCAI subscribers.

To access the Prostate Cancer and Intimacy (PCAI) Wiki, first subscribe to the PCAI email discussion list. Once you are approved, you will receive the wiki URL from the PCAI welcome message

The "New" Prostate CancerInfoLink Social Network:

Advanced Prostate Cancer:
A group for men and their families with apc at:

Prostate Cancer Under 50:
A group for men diagnosed with prostate cancer age 50 and under, and their
families at:

A group for the spouses and partners of men with pc at: ?

A Prostate Cancer Forum for Ladies Only:
A safe place is provided to help deal with medical, emotional and life style changes that accompany the diagnosis of Prostate Cancer. To register and participate, go to:


Resource Kit for Making Prostate Cancer Decisions

of Interest

Prostate Pointers

Information for the newly diagnosed

Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education & Support Network

Prostate Cancer Profiler

Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI)

Prostate cancer acronyms and abbreviations:

Prostate cancer glossary of terms:

Information provided by Nicholas Bruchovsky, MD

Information provided by Fernand Labrie, MD

Information provided by Robert Leibowitz, MD


Information provided by Charles Myers, MD

Information provided by Jonathan Oppenheimer, MD

Information provided by Israel Barken, MD

Physician to Patient



The PCAI list of ED specialists

The Circle

Organize your PC digest:

Tom Feeney's Watchful Waiting page:
Prostate cancer education in video format

Prostate Cancer Stages

"Comprehensive Management of Prostate Cancer" by Charles E. Myers, MD -- PCa Medical Oncologist

National Prostate Cancer Coalition


American Urological Association PCa information

National Cancer Institute's Prostate Cancer Home Page

The Hypertext Guide to Prostate Cancer

A Primer on Prostate Cancer


Prostate Cancer InfoLink

PPML website

PPML archives

Urology channel PCa resources

Prostate Cancer Research and Education Foundation (PC-REF)

MultiGraph: your medical history in graphic form, free from PC-REF
Contact John Fistere at

Ask Dr. Barken: FREE, weekly Telephone Call-in Show
Date:  Every Tuesday, 6 pm Pacific, 9 pm Eastern
Call:  TOLL FREE 1-877-727-3301, (1-877-PCREF-01)
Listen Later:  Past shows are archived at

Prostate Cancer Mission

Prostate Cancer Center

Center for Prostate Disease Research

You Are Not Alone

What Every Man Should Know About Prostate Cancer

Advice To The Newly Diagnosed

What Every Doctor Who Treats Male Patients Should Know

Malecare: Multi-lingual website of national nonprofit prostate cancer
support group network

Prostate Cancer and Gay Men: To subscribe, go to:

Advanced Prostate Cancer
Joel Nowak's advanced prostate cancer treatment and advocacy blog

Prostate Cancer Advocacy
Kathy Meade's advocacy blog

Living with Prostate Cancer
Leah's blog about living with men with prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Africa

Canadian Prostate Cancer Network

Prostate Cancer Caribbean

Prostate Cancer Latin America -- in Spanish

Florida Prostate Cancer Network

Prostate Cancer Coalition of New Jersey

North Texas Prostate Cancer Coalition

PCNG's 100 Prostate Cancer Links

Brotherhood of the Balloon -- Proton Treatment Info and Support

PSA Rising Magazine

Sexual help for couples after prostate disease

Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery

Prostate Cancer Action Network

Humor And Healing: HAH is a humor list for the online PCa community, more intimate and friendly than the big Internet joke lists. To subscribe, go to:

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